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How widget works

Place the ZapSign widget inside your website in 1 minute
If you want the signer to sign a document without leaving your site, you can add our signature widget to your webpage as in the example below, just replace the "SIGNER-TOKEN" with a real token.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Test Widget ZapSign</title>
<!-- Atention: it is important to include the allow attribute in your iframe so we can access the users camera in case you ask for the signers photo or document photo -->
<iframe src="" width="100%" height="800px" allow="camera"></iframe>
window.onmessage = function(e){
if( === 'zs-doc-loaded'){
alert('Doc loaded in iframe')
if( === 'zs-doc-signed'){
alert('Doc signed by signer')
if( === 'zs-signed-file-ready'){
alert('Signed file (final pdf) ready to download')
The "window.onmessage" callback function is optional, it's just a way for you to listen for events that occur inside the iframe. In this case, the events are triggered:
  • zs-doc-loaded: when the PDF finishes loading on the signer's screen.
  • zs-doc-signed: when the signer successfully signs the document.
  • zs-signed-file-ready: when the final PDF is ready to download (this is when the "download signed" button is enabled for example).