Reprocessing Documents and Webhooks

This endpoint offers dual functionality. Resending notifications of signed documents via webhook and, in the event of an error such as a corrupted file, reprocessing/fixing the document.

HTTP method


This endpoint allows you to regenerate a signed document and generate a new webhook. Remember that this endpoint is asynchronous, so wait a few seconds before checking the reprocessing.


Request Body


  1. This endpoint performs asynchronous operations. Therefore, after requesting reprocessing, wait for confirmation via webhook or check the status of the document manually after a few seconds.

  2. To resolve specific problems, such as a corrupted signed document, send the request with resign_doc set to true. This will instruct the system to generate a new PDF file and, if send_webhook is true, a new webhook will be sent to notify the success of the reprocessing.


200 OK: Document successfully reprocessed.


This endpoint is asynchronous, so wait for the final PDFs to be ready via webhooks or check them in a few minutes.

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