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doc_created (example)

Caution: the original_file and signed_file links are temporary and expires in 60 minutes. In case your system needs to save those links it is recommended that you save them in your own CDN or that you call the Detail document endpoint every time your user needs a valid URL that will expires in more 60 minutes.

  "event_type": "doc_created",
  "sandbox": false,
  "external_id": "id-suaaplicacao-e32213ds-243",
  "open_id": 23,
  "token": "cce11abf-abcd-abcd-a657-25b55f185f16",
  "name": "sample.pdf",
  "folder_path": "/",
  "status": "pending",
  "lang": "pt-br",
  "original_file": "",
  "signed_file": null,
  "created_through": "web",
  "deleted": false,
  "deleted_at": null,
  "signed_file_only_finished": false,
  "disable_signer_emails": false,
  "brand_logo": "",
  "brand_primary_color": "",
  "created_at": "2021-06-07T19:21:59.609067Z",
  "last_update_at": "2021-06-07T19:21:59.609094Z",
  "signers": [
      "external_id": "",
      "token": "b14f141f-aaaa-425e-8dfa-0bdac0ec806a",
      "status": "new",
      "name": "",
      "lock_name": false,
      "email": "",
      "lock_email": false,
      "phone_country": "55",
      "phone_number": "",
      "lock_phone": false,
      "times_viewed": 0,
      "last_view_at": null,
      "signed_at": null,
      "auth_mode": "assinaturaTela",
      "qualification": "",
      "require_selfie_photo": false,
      "require_document_photo": false,
      "geo_latitude": null,
      "geo_longitude": null,
      "resend_attempts": null,
      "cpf": null,
      "cnpj": null
    "answers": [ // appliable if the document was created through a template
            "variable": "FULL NAME",
            "value": "Foo bar"
            "variable": "SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER",
            "value": "999-99-XXXX"
            "variable": "FULL ADDRESS",
            "value": "2989 Heller Crossing Apt. 023 - Springfield, NY / 13347"

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