API versioning

We're always adding features and making improvements to our API, but we won't allow your app to crash because of a change we make to our API. So if we make a significant change to an endpoint, we will release a new version of the API. So far we have not needed to make a breaking change, so we're sticking with v1.

Current API Version: v1

We consider the following changes compatible with previous versions:

  • Add new endpoints to the API;

  • Add new optional parameters to the request;

  • Make a required parameter of the request optional;

  • Add new properties to existing API responses;

  • Add new events to webhooks (this means your webhook endpoint must handle unknown event types, for example ignoring them with a 200 status return).

Whenever we release news we will send it by email.

Extra Tips

  1. We don't work with "null strings"! When some field is defined as a string in our API, you cannot define it as null. So, if you want the field to be empty, don't send it in your request, or send it as an empty string ("").

  2. true and false (boolean) is not the same as "true" and "false" (strings). This will save you some frustrated tests...

  3. Times in UTC+0: Our server saves dates and times in UTC+0. If you want to localize times to your users, most frameworks and/or browsers automatically perform this conversion with datetime objects.

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