ZapSign API
List documents
List documents

Filtering documents by folder

If you only want to filter documents from a certain folder, add the optional parameter "folder_path" to the GET. For example:
All documents in the account (no folder filter):
Filtering only documents without a folder (i.e. at the root "/"):
Filtering only documents in the "/api/folder2/" folder:
Tip: instead of consulting documents several times a day, use our webhooks. In addition to saving the computing power of our servers and our servers, you will also be able to give feedback in real time to your user, not every N minutes.


"count": 336,
"next": "",
"previous": "",
"results": [
"open_id": 201,
"token": "373xxxx-5f7e-4218-917e-9b6f6f7b2aa1",
"status": "signed",
"name": "Contrato X.pdf",
"original_file": "",
"signed_file": "",
"created_at": "2020-04-02T13:52:21.948145Z",
"last_update_at": "2020-04-02T16:10:30.780585Z",
"created_through": "web"