Delete document

Delete document


Delete a document. Attention: this endpoint is just a soft delete of the document, that is, it will continue to be accessible via API and saved in ZapSign's database. The document will only be hidden from the web interface for end users. The delete action is no-return, and will change the "deleted" and "deleted_at" fields of the document. Note: the request method is DELETE. If you use GET or POST it will not have the desired effect





apiToken ahead of the "Bearer" text.

Ex: Bearer c7f35c84-7893-4087-b4fb-d1f06c23

    "sandbox": false,
    "external_id": "",
    "open_id": 178,
    "token": "1504d2e9-a4ad-42a1-a1a7-aaf752431b01",
    "name": "any-with-rubricas.pdf",
    "folder_path": "/",
    "status": "pending",
    "rejected_reason": null,
    "lang": "pt-br",
    "original_file": "",
    "signed_file": null,
    "extra_docs": [],
    "created_through": "web",
    "deleted": true,
    "deleted_at": "2023-07-06T05:21:59.786161Z",
    "signed_file_only_finished": false,
    "disable_signer_emails": false,
    "brand_logo": "",
    "brand_primary_color": "",
    "created_at": "2023-03-15T14:01:17.805249Z",
    "last_update_at": "2023-07-06T05:21:59.786346Z",
    "created_by": {
        "email": ""
    "template": null,
    "signers": [
            "external_id": "",
            "sign_url": "",
            "token": "3e497dcc-acb1-40c7-bf06-295e234c35a8",
            "status": "new",
            "name": "John Doe",
            "lock_name": false,
            "email": "",
            "lock_email": false,
            "hide_email": false,
            "blank_email": false,
            "phone_country": "55",
            "phone_number": "9823668218",
            "lock_phone": false,
            "hide_phone": false,
            "blank_phone": false,
            "times_viewed": 0,
            "last_view_at": null,
            "signed_at": null,
            "auth_mode": "assinaturaTela-tokenWhatsapp",
            "qualification": "",
            "require_selfie_photo": false,
            "require_document_photo": false,
            "geo_latitude": null,
            "geo_longitude": null,
            "redirect_link": "",
            "signature_image": null,
            "visto_image": null,
            "document_photo_url": "",
            "document_verse_photo_url": "",
            "selfie_photo_url": "",
            "selfie_photo_url2": "",
            "send_via": "whatsapp"
    "answers": [],
    "auto_reminder": 3


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