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Add attachment (extra document)

Add extra document
This endpoint allows you to add attachments to your original document. Its possible to add up to 14 extra docs (one at a time, therefore, one request for each attachment), counting the original doc your signer will be able to sign 15 documents at once.
apiToken ahead of the "Bearer" text.
Ex: Bearer c7f35c84-7893-4087-b4fb-d1f06c23
Title of the document. String of up to 255 characters
Define the PDF to be signed from a public URL with the file. For now, we only accept one file in PDF format, up to 10Mb.
Alternative to url_pdf: Set the PDF to be signed, starting from a base64. You must convert the file to a base64 string and send it to us in this parameter (more details below).
... "base64_pdf":"JVBERi0xLjcNCiWhs8XXDQoxIDA...",
Extra document successfully added.
There is no other parameter to be sent in this request because they will be inherited from the original document.
Obs: dont mistake the extra document with the batch sign via API, because this one is made to sign multiple documents at the same time not to create attachments. They have different use cases.



Caution: the original_file and signed_file links are temporary and expires in 60 minutes. In case your system needs to save those links it is recommended that you save them in your own CDN or that you call the Detail document endpoint every time your user needs a valid URL that will expires in more 60 minutes.
"open_id": 17,
// use this token in case you want to place signatures in this attachment
"token": "50c7d90e-ead6-46b5-99d6-33d2d3b9a31f",
"name": "Anexo ao Contrato de Admissão João",
"original_file": "",
"signed_file": null

Frequent asked questions

Whats an attachment/extra document?

In case you use our web platform, you will notice that is possible to upload multiple PDFs at once to be signed by the same signers:
Example of the web application with 3 PDFs in one envelope.
That way, when the signer is going to sign the document, she will be see all of them, to sign at once:
The original document will be the number 1 and the attachments will appear to the signer as the documents number 2,3, etc. Doing a GET request on the original document, the attachments will be on the "extra_docs" paramenter.
Can i place signatures on an attachment? Yes! Just send yout attachment token on the endpoint for placing signatures
I've added attachment by misktake. Can i delete it? No. For now, it's impossible to remove attachments after added. You can delete de document and re-create it.