ZapSign API
Add attachment (extra document)
If you use ZapSign's web platform, you will notice that it is possible to upload several PDFs at once to be signed by the same signers:
Exemplo na plataforma web de um envelope com 3 PDFs.
Thus, when the signer is going to sign the document, he is faced with a list of all of them, to sign at once:
This functionality is now also present in the ZapSign API, so it is possible to add "extra documents" to the main document.
The main document will be number 1 and the extra documents will appear to the signatory as documents number 2, 3, etc. When doing a GET on the main document, the extra documents will appear in the "extra_docs" parameter.
Note: don't confuse the addition of attachments with the batch signature via API, since the signature is done programmatically by your system via code in the latter. The use cases are different.
Add extra document
There are no other parameters to be sent in the request, as they will all be inherited from the main document.

Example Request

"name":"Anexo ao Contrato de Admissão João",


"open_id": 17,
"token": "50c7d90e-ead6-46b5-99d6-33d2d3b9a31f", //use this token if you want to place signatures in this extra document
"name": "Anexo ao Contrato de Admissão João",
"original_file": "",
"signed_file": null

Common questions

Does the extra document consume API credit? Yes. Each extra document counts equal to one main document. So, if you add 14 extra documents to a main document, this will count as "15 API credits", not just one.
Can I place signatures on the extra document? Yes! Just use the extra document token at the endpoint to place signatures.
I accidentally added an attachment. Is there a way to remove/undo the mistake? No. For the time being it is not possible to remove an attachment once it has been added.