ZapSign API
API Plans & Prices
You can try our API for free.
Attention: platform prices without API are here:
To perform API integration tests in your development environment, set sandbox:true when creating a document through the API. With sandbox:true, your document will not have legal validity, but it will be created for free.
Attention: we may automatically block the creation of documents (sandbox: false) without a current plan and paid to your account. It is mandatory to have a monthly or annual plan to use the API.
To subscribe to an API Plan, go to "Settings" > "Plan and Billing" and select the "View API Plans" option:

How does the payment work?

You must contract a monthly or annual plan from our API by credit card, directly within the platform (as shown in the photo above).
Additional documents used will be billed on the first business day of every month.
The controlling of the volume of documents used must be done on your side. We will only make the usage report available at the end of the month if you have exceeded the volume of documents in your plan.
Please note: unsigned documents and deleted documents do not "recover" credits. That is, once created, the document will be counted for the purposes of the API Plans.
In case of doubt, speak to us at [email protected]
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